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Daily Schedule


8am- 9:30              Theory (Day Class)

10am                       Open to quests

12pm-12:30            Lunch

2:30pm- 3:00        Closed

3:00pm- 4:30       Theory (Night Theory)

7 pm                        Closed

Full time- 30 hours/ week

Part time- 20 hours/week

*Overtime available 

State Board (practical/theory)- $237



Select Kit


New Kit/Books




Rented tools/books


Hairstyling License (5-10 Months)

  A License for those interested in the beautification of hair only. You will be taught tricks of the trade that will ensure profitable, lasting career. Often beauty school education is out dated and doesn't teach enough current techniques. BHE will educate students at an advanced level so that you are equipped to service their Clients.



TOPIC                                                              HOURS

Theory                                                                    410 

Cutting/Shaping                                                   125 

Shampoo/Styling comb-out                               130 

Color/Bleach                                                         140

Hair/Scalp Treatment                                          30

Permanent waving                                                25

Charm Reception Ethics                                      10 

Relaxer                                                                    80 

Laboratory                                                             50 

                               Total Hours 1,000


Natural Hairstyling Course (3-5 Months)

   Exclusively learn how to manipulate and maintain natural textures ONLY. This course will tech you how to cut, styling and do unique techniques like; braiding, locs and weaving. This course will prepare you for a natural career behind the chair. You will learn professionalism and how to build cliente.This is a great trait that can be an exclusive career or a course that can be added to a professionals rolodex. 


Topic                                   Hours

Theory                                 100

Wet Styling                           25

Dry Styling                           25

Cutting                                  25

Braiding                                50

Thermal Styling                  25 


              Total Hour                425


Instructors License (2-4 Months)

   Share your talents by educating future beauty professionals. This is a truly rewarding career, that is best suited for individual cosmetologists. These professionals have a true passion for the industry, and believe that others should share the love of beauty education . This is a true art and craft that has opened so many doors and opportunities:



TOPIC                                                                                 HOURS

Theory                                                                                    70 

Methods of Teaching                                                        100 

Curriculum Development/Educational Aids                20 

Diversity in Training                                                          10

Classroom Management                                                   60

Evaluation, Assessment, and Remediation.                 30 

Professional Development.                                              30 

Laboratory                                                                           30 

                               Total Hours 350


Refresher Course 

This course is for beauty pros that want to advance their skills and continue education. It is important to keep up with the latest styles, tools and techniques. Enroll into this short course and take away so much more.

** Full Cosmetology Coming Soon!

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