Funding Your Dreams

Fortunately for you, BHE will not offer government student loans at this time. This is good because; not only is this private school more affordable, but there is absolutely no debt. Only a Better Hair Education. 

   Course                      Registration       Licensing           Kit           Tuition                  Total

Hairstyling License            $25                        $237             $350/$750     $80 weekly      $250/$550 Down

Natural Styling                    $25                           --               $90/250          $80 weekly      

Instructors License             $25                       $237               $200              $1,500             

Refresher Course                 $25                         --                       --                  $125 Courses              

Easy payment plan.

You select your kit. Then you pay a weekly tuition fee. It’s that simple.

* State board and registration fees included