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What courses are offered at your school!

Hairstyling License, Natural Hairstyling Certification, Instructors License and Refresher Courses.

What is the school schedule?

Day Classes 8AM to 2:30PM (Lunch 12- 12:30)

Night Classes 3PM to 7PM

How much is tuition?

*Enrollment SpecialHairstyling License- $85.00 weekly

*Enrollment SpecialNatural Hairstyling Certification- $85.00 weekly

Instructor License- $900.00 

State Board Prep- $125hr

                                                             *Additional fees apply

*Kit & Books ($580/$1,200-$1,500)

*Registration $580/$1,230 Down

-State Board Exam ($237)

How long would I be in school?

Cosmetology License-1600hrs

Hairstyling License- 1000hrs

Natural Hairstyling Certification- 550hrs

Instructor License- 350hrs

Refresher- Weekly

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, Closed toe shoes and apron 2

When can I start?

weeks after enrollment fees are paid

If my work schedule doesn’t align with the school schedule, can I still enroll?

Yes! If you are committed to the program, we will support you with a modified schedule.

Do I have to be vaccinated?


When do classes start?

2 weeks after enrollment fees are paid

How do I pay for school?

BHE LLC collects payments by direct deposit. Payments are collected weekly or monthly.

*At this time BHE does not offer financial aid. 

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