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Better Hair Education


Specializing in Hair Education

Private beauty school for future beauty professionals. This modern cutting edge school teaches current techniques and skills, that will create serious beauty professionals. Better Hair Education is an environment that encourages artistic freedom and supports future beauty professionals.


About The School

Better Hair Education is located in a midtown area; with lots of traffic and businesses that will attract many students and customers. A spacious 1000 sq feet school with handicap accessible doors and bathroom. This space is well designed with a educational room for theory that gives students an opportunity to learn in a peaceful quite environment. The school has a professional clinic floor environment, where students can practice learned skills on live clients and fellow students. Better Hair Education has the most modern educational tools in the city.

2 Shampoo bowls that pivot back and forth allow all customers to enjoy a relaxing shampoo service. 2 ionic mobile hair dryers.private lockers for all students. Library with all educational curriculum and a TV for educational purposes There is a wonderful reception area, where students learn skills like; book keeping, answering calls, retail and greeting skills. Microwave and refrigerator are also available for students use. School is across from public transportation and easily accessible to customers.

Safe with lighted parking. Less than 1 mile from hospital and restaurants and stores. BHE is a private entity with high standards that expects student excellence, this means doing your best and conducting oneself as professional. At this time Better Hair Education is a private school and can enroll no more then 10 students.


Our Mission

Better Hair Education LLC. is a Private Cosmetology School created in 2020 to train potential independent professionals how to join the cosmetology industry. All students are encouraged to be creative and prosperous. Better Hair Education is a institution that teaches modern up to date techniques, so that students are able to go out into the work force ready to compete with leading artists; and successfully build a clientele.

Its a known fact that most cosmetology schools are behind in up to date trends. Instead schools make sure potential students learn the state regulated rules and the basics of their chosen courses. In order to become a certified professional, many students sacrifice time for a license. Instead of students enjoying their learning experience, they leave with very little skills to pay the bills.Students rush through program hours just to receive a certificate. This is not the way of Better Hair Education, it is our mission to educate students and prepare them for a career in the beauty industry.

Better Hair Education offers small educational settings, that allow more time for individual development. Individual student’s needs are met at a more satisfactory level with smaller classes. Better Hair Education is a place of inspiration for students striving to become a beauty professional. In todays world of technology, not many know how to start a career in this new age as an artist.

Inspiration and dedication to become apart of the beauty industry is all one needs, to become a licensed professional. Also, professionals who want to advance to the next level, have the opportunity to join our instructors program. This will allow licensed stylist to educate and inspire other future professionals.

Students are trained to the highest standards of infection and sanitation procedures. All students are vigorously trained. Enrollees will spend clinical and theory hours that will prepare them to pass the state board examination and receive their license.

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